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How a McKenzie friend or Paralegal can help you through the divorce process

When it feels like your world is falling apart, we’re here to provide support and direction on your new path ahead.

Divorce is a highly stressful experience in anyone’s life and it’s extremely important that you don’t underestimate how prepared you need to be.

Unless you’re dealing with an experienced divorce specialist, costs can quickly escalate. In my own case this came to over £80k (read more).

And in all this disruption it can be extremely difficult to navigate a clear path forward when your mind is engulfed in a sea of fog. Our ‘Better Not Bitter’ divorce coaching alongside with the case management, is a unique transformational mindset that will help better prepare you to tell your story in court. This kind of emotional support is something CourtTogether prides itself on. You just do not get that level of personal advocacy from most regular high-street solicitors. We really fight your corner. We are the ‘Erin Brokowich’s’ of the divorce trade.

As a trusted McKenzie Friend, we can help you through this whole process.

What is a McKenzie Friend UK?

McKenzie Friends arose from the 1970 divorce case of McKenzie v McKenzie. In that case, the husband was representing himself and wanted the help of someone who was not legally qualified in the English Courts. His request was refused. McKenzie appealed the case. It was subsequently held  that allowing moral Court support was equal to having a fair trial under the European Convention on Human Rights. Any such assistants/supporters are therefore now referred to as a 'McKenzie Friend'.

Through hands on case experience and legal know-how we can advise you what to write in a legal document or how to conduct yourself both in person with the other party. This kind of service is increasingly mirroring the service provided by solicitors but at a much more affordable rate. A McKenzie Friend can improve access to justice by providing valuable support for litigants in person. Attending Court can be a daunting experience, particularly for those who have not been before, and so many litigants feel encouraged to have someone who has been in the situation before sit with them and reassure them.

CourtTogether was created to provide both emotional and legal support to litigants and parents in their most difficult time. We do the handholding, the thinking and the explaining so you feel in charge and empowered. There is nothing worse than to go through court proceedings with an outcome that feels unjust because your solicitor failed to explain what was really happening. Our unique ethos is to deliver a personable service where you feel understood and understand. In family law cases the experience is key. However most litigants in person only get one shot at it. With us however, you are not alone or legally on a limb, because we have already walked this path many times before you.

A McKenzie Friend UK Specialist

Based in Marlow, Buckinghamshire, we’re a McKenzie Friend UK Specialist, with an proven track record of helping people in London and the Home Counties. In fact, with the uptake of virtual meeting tools in recent months, we can help almost anyone, anywhere.

The power of talking never fails

Want to start feeling better? Get in touch today, to see how talking to someone who understands what you’re going through can really help.

Call us free on 0800 4480907 – someone's usually available until 8pm, 7 days a week.

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