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From Pain to Possibility: Get your paperwork and emotions in order.

Divorce does not merely end a marriage, there is some serious collateral damage. It also affects your children, your personal well-being, your finances, your friendships and so on. You need to make big decisions at a time when you are emotionally swamped.

You may feel lost without any sense of direction to your thinking and feelings. Your life appears to be caught in a big fog. It is difficult to know what steps to take as you are being pushed into a void. How you can figure it all out? How long will proceedings take? Will you still get to see your children? How will you cope as a single parent? Just thinking about it makes you want to hide from the world. You feel frozen with a terrifying fear when you need to be clear headed and getting things done because time and court hearings are pressing. If this sounds familiar, then divorce Coaching might be the help you need.

‘In short, a Divorce Coach can be seen as a supporting character in your divorce story. It is a thinking partner that comes along for the ride’

Looking back on your broken marriage, it may be easy to see why it did not work. The road to a happier and healthier life starts now. We help you to envision your life post-divorce by planning a day-to-day structure, tailormade for you. Together, we work on setting new goals and identify activities and interests that can help you create a better life.

As you transition into single life and/or single-parenting, we can help you predict what issues might cause conflict later, such as when one parent enters a new relationship, or how to start dating again. The objective is to reduce post-divorce conflict by establishing healthier boundaries. This way you can attract better partners and better relationships in general. It is about adjustment, recovery, and growth. It usually starts with building new communication skills that enables you to speak and live your new life with truth and integrity.

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