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What we can do for you:

It is extremely important that you understand what to include in court documents such as witness and position statements or how to build your skeleton arguments. If in worst case scenario you find yourself in court without a barrister, it is crucial you know how to present your opening and closing submissions. We strongly recommend that you have the assistance of a McKenzie friend to ensure submissions and witness statements are received in the best possible manner by the judge or magistrates. Too often parents will sabotage their cases by filing over-emotional and counterproductive documents. We are here to help you present an objective narrative which prioritizes the child's wishes and feelings as well showing considered fairness.


  • Strategic planning and case management: Advice the litigant how to conduct and navigate his/her case with the other party
  • Analysing and summarising documents i.e. Psych, drug testing and Cafcass reports
  • Fact checking and desk research
  • How to fill in court applications and how to file with the court
  • Assist in briefing your legal counsel (Barrister)
  • Coach and prepare the litigant for a hearing

In court (if you do not have legal counsel)

  • Give quiet advice on points of law to the litigant
  • Advise the litigant on issues that they might want to raise in Court
  • Suggest to the litigant questions that they might want to ask the other party or witnesses
  • Help organise documents
  • Take notes
  • On occasions the judge does allow us to speak on the litigant’s behalf, including examining witnesses (this however is rare)

What we cannot do:

  • Sign Court documents on the litigant's behalf
  • Communicate directly with the other party’s solicitor


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