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Creating a life you love post-divorce

Some days it might feel like a never-ending battle to take back your life and fight to not let what happened control or consume you, but it gets better, it gets easier. I promise.

My own experience with the family law courts began 20 years ago when I found myself in the battle of a very acrimonious divorce. I was a new mum with two small children thrown into a world totally unbeknown to me. I was scared, lonely and desperate going from solicitor to solicitor ending up paying a vast amount of money for a poor result. Ongoing disputes, further court hearings and without the funds to challenge my ex once the decree absolute was finalized, I had no other choice but to represent myself. I became a Litigant in Person. That was my journey into the legal system.

Today I am better, not bitter, just thankful for the lessons those horrific years presented to me. It has given me the blessing of helping other women, and men, in the same vulnerable position. Not only do I advise those who finds themselves battling the monster of divorce and custodial matters, but I emotionally support you throughout. I know the panic, the fear, and the loneliness it entails.

Since then, we have helped numerous private clients navigate their case through the often complex and daunting maze of Family Law legal system.

With us you are not alone. We do it together. We share your burden. Divorce coaching has become an integral part of what we deliver so you can feel whole again. There is a new life after divorce. I see it as my duty to ensure you come out of it as a better version of yourself so you can move on and learn how to live a happier life. Bitter is not an option, you are a survivor.

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